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CASSIS x Martini NewSea Vice City Hair FtM

Vice City Header

Vice City Preview

First hair upload on the blog! I really hope the FtM conversion hasn't been done before. . . I don't think I saw one. I'm going to try to see if I can put out one download per day leading up to Christmas! An advent calendar of sorts!

NewSea Vice City hair for males of all ages
Pooklet's naturals + Timebomb, Digi's Angel and Extras, io's Ennead, and my VK colors (swatch included)

NewSea for original mesh
Martini for 3t2 conversion
Pooklet for texture
Pooklet, Digitalangels, and io for color actions

Pooklet's V3 texture
Elders take Pooklet's Timebomb
Binned except for greys and unnaturals

Polycount: F - 10043; V - 7547
Ponytail may clip through some tops, but I didn't want it defying gravity by hanging too far in front of the body. I can edit if needed!

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