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CASSIS X Simply Iridescent Sims Playboy Bunny Costume 3t2 (FOR MALE)

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Playboy Preview

Wow, it's been a long time! Hopefully this is a sign of more activity to come, but we'll see.

I've got a 3t2 and FtM conversion of a Playboy Bunny-esque outfit by Simply Iridescent Sims (and the pumps - by Modish Kitten!) The original was for the ladies, but knowing me. . . this one's for the fellas. However, with some appropriately androgynous styling you may be able to fool even Hugh Hefner himself!

Fullbody outfit for adult males; appears in everyday and underwear categories

Simply Iridescent Sims for outfit mesh
Modish Kitten for pumps mesh

No morphs; too tired. Nothing against chubby bunnies - feel free to add them!
Smooth hands and sexy feet
Tail is part of the outfit, not an accessory
Comes in two styles: glittery, as shown, and satin. Both are black.
The bunny ears and collar are older conversions of a Jennisims set I did here!

This mesh has glitched up normals that I couldn't fix properly. Consequently there are some weird issues where the texture seems to disappear on the left side of the mesh because the shading is so dark. For this reason, any recolor other than black will look awful - fair warning!
Also the bone assignments aren't great, but I feel that they're the best I could do! There may be some clipping into the thighs around the crotch and butt. Also, the shoes are stuck in place. They'll follow the foot, but they don't animate fluidly on all poses so you may get clipping here too. The reason I did it that way is because pumps aren't exactly that flexible in real life so I thought this was more realistic in the end. Luckily, the shoes are solid black so it's easier to Photoshop out any problem areas. (* ´ ▽ ` *)
Polycount: F: 11890 V: 5932

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