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Spinal Piercing

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I'm on a roll! The idea for this mesh was suggested to me by someone on tumblr after they saw a similar mesh in Second Life. But don't worry, one look at the ridiculous mapping and you'll know this one is mine! Well, you can actually recolor it just fine since I'm not sure why you'd want this in anything other than a solid color. . . Anyway! I thought it was pretty neat (and kind of sexy LOL) so here we are.

Spinal piercing accessory for adult male and female in 3 colors

It's not made to fit under clothes so please remove it if your sim isn't topless
I actually bothered to make it showerproof! I will do that from now on too (where appropriate!)

Polycount: F - 6402; V - 3206 - sorry it's high for what it is but I just can't handle lumpy curves!
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3D eyelashes for men

Hello, I need 3D eyelash conversion for men. I've been looking for months, I need them for my sims. Greetings from Spain!!!

2018/03/04 (Sun) 07:59 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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