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FIG + YARROW Apothecary Recolor Collection

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Object recolors?! Why not, I say! These are recolors of Cordelia Haze's conversion of Chisimi's LUSH meshes using the FIG + YARROW brand. By the way, highly recommend that foot scrub! (* ´ ▽ ` *)

12 object recolors and two meshes

Chisimi for original meshes
Cordelia Haze for conversions

Swatch is colour supplement mesh on top; lip scrub mesh on bottom; each numbered from left-right
Find in Deco>Sculptures category
These meshes are pretty small so only good for super cluttering! LOL
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Re: More of the Fig and Yarrow?

Thank you, Amanda! Yeah, the meshes aren't obvious in her preview picture because they're so small, but they are part of her 650 followers gift: http://cordelia-haze.tumblr.com/post/141622249508.

2017/07/28 (Fri) 14:16 | EDIT | REPLY |   

Amanda Thomas  

More of the Fig and Yarrow?

First off I want to say thank you soooo much for these recolors! They're absolutely perfect for the shop I want to run. It says that you got the original sims 2 version from Cordelia Haze's, but I've looked all through her page a few times and I cant find them. I messaged her as well but no response. If you don't mind could you link me her sims 2 versions please? It would be absolutely awesome:)

2017/07/28 (Fri) 13:36 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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