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CASSIS Model Posebox

Model PB Header

Model PB 1-5

Model PB 6-10

Can't believe I got this done in only a couple sittings! :O

10 poses + snap reset button

I made these poses using an adult male model but they should work for all sims teens and up
Poses were referenced from a clothes model so they should (hopefully!) be good for showcasing outfits

You will need at least one expansion pack (any) for this posebox to work
SFS DL Button
MEGA DL Button

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Thank you for making this posebox!! I'm using it A LOT in my game!! BTW, I've changed my game to more modern, so I've downloaded all of your stuffv-8 Thank you for making so many lovely goodies for sims!!! Keep up the great work!!!

2017/08/31 (Thu) 04:30 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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