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Hey, I'm back with a relatively large set! I was originally going to convert some stuff for personal use but the set kept getting bigger. . . To be honest, I was kind of ashamed to upload! But I posted a picture of a sim wearing some of the items and people liked it so I felt more confident so I hope you enjoy!

2 harness and 2 garter accessories for adult males and females and 1 bottom for adult male only
DDS files for stocking textures

Harness, garter, and skirt meshes by Amiamy111
Panties mesh by Hepsy
Heels mesh by Semller
Fishnet texture by Chaos-flare

All accessories are for young adult-elder males and females
Bottom includes skirt, panties, heels, and textured stockings in 2 versions: solid black and fishnet
Bottom is for adult male only and has no morphs (it was kind of for personal use but I didn't want to hoard!)
-also was impossible to bone assign properly and so only really looks good in basic, relatively straight standing and sitting poses
Included DDS files are for both solid and fishnet stockings. . . I included them because the heart garters are made to line up with the top of the stockings so you can use my alphas to put compatible stockings on other bottoms or skins
-NOTE: Fishnet texture is intended for use with sexyfeet only!
Heels are super tall so you will need an OMSP to raise them out of the floor

Harness 1 (star - shown on right) polycount: F - 3718; V - 1873
Harness 2 (lock - shown on left) polycount: F - 1598; V - 901
Garters polycount: F - 1472; V - 1565
Single garter polycount: F - 834; V - 712
Skirt bottom polycount: F - 9393; V - 9455
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 download conversion 3t2 clothes accessory



Para cassis さ ん

Upload the download please!

2017/06/22 (Thu) 09:04 | EDIT | REPLY |   


Para cassis さ ん

Download it please !! I love the oufit

2017/06/22 (Thu) 09:03 | EDIT | REPLY |   


Re: No title

> I need to know where the hat is. right.

It's partially this cloak: http://digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=34322.msg725831#msg725831 and partially this nun's head thing: http://ninthcirclets3cc.tumblr.com/post/140417441416/ which I've converted for personal use for the time being.

2017/06/22 (Thu) 07:33 | EDIT | REPLY |   


I need to know where the hat is.

2017/06/18 (Sun) 13:52 | EDIT | REPLY |   


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2017/05/24 (Wed) 02:05 | EDIT | REPLY |   


To Major

I'm glad you like them! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. v-10

2017/05/21 (Sun) 23:28 | EDIT | REPLY |   


Wow these are REALLY nice, thank you for sharing !

2017/05/18 (Thu) 07:22 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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