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Sid Padlock Necklace

S Necklace Header

Sid Preview

My first ever mesh! There weren't even any trial runs before this that I never posted - this is really my first try! It's a recreation of Sid Vicious' necklace but it's more in honor of being popular in Japanese punk fashion than the man himself. I own this necklace in real life too so I had a reference all ready! LOL So, this was meshed in Blender and UV mapped in Milkshape.

Necklace for teens-elders; male and female + .PSD for easy recoloring

Me! Wooooooo! \(^o^)/

Polycount: F - 4318; V - 2224

New Mesh TOU
Don't need my permission to recolor, edit, convert, etc. but please credit and preferably link back
Feel free to include in uploaded sims (don't forget the mesh won't be included in the .sims2pack so put it in the .zip!!)
I don't spend my time online policing others, but please just be decent and respect the community!
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