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CASSIS x Chris Sims Starcrossed Choker 4t2

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Starcrossed Choker Preview

Wow, I haven't converted anything in a while! It's because I'm playing with build mode now, sorry. But this was a request of sorts and I realized I couldn't think of any super simple chokers like this for Sims 2 so I had to do something. For some reason, the texture didn't extract so, while it is simple, this is actually my own texture - yay! Only thing is, I originally made this for teens too but the teen male one kept glitching up even after I redid it. Clearly I did something wrong but I was getting frustrated so it was time to stop. . . so adults only, sorry. (;д;)

Choker accessory for young adult-elder males and females in 8 colors

Chris Sims for original mesh

This choker seems to fit female necks like a charm but for men, so matter how much I adjusted things it just kept clipping in one way or another. Unfortunately the male version looks like it's floating around the neck instead of wrapped around it. . . but it was the only way to get the clipping under control. There still might be some minor clips. I'm very sorry; I think it's because this mesh is very thin so there's no leeway.

Polycount: F - 258; V - 198
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