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Sleep My Dear Makeup Set

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I get kind of sad sometimes calling myself a creator when I mostly convert and edit stuff, never make my own things from scratch. But meshing is scary! So here is a set of makeup, including my first attempt at eyeshadow. Kyohei (sim!) is wearing no other eye makeup and the editing has been erased around the eyes to show true color.

Blush in 7 shades and eyeshadow in 10

Ephemera for waterline

Blush is for all ages and genders
Eyeshadow is for both genders, teens-elders
Blush includes brightening on nose and forehead and has a light texture
I tested the makeup on a variety of skin colors and found that the "deep pink" and "brown" blushes look good on dark skintones too. The "rich brown" and "plum" eyeshadows were also good for darker skins! \(^o^)/
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