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The clothing textures here are taken from BLACK MORAL brand - the inspiration for the name of my blog - so it's a good first post anyway, right? I also converted some accessories to make the set more complete.

1. 2sanghaec modern tailored coat for adult male 3t2
2 Rukisims cross studded phone accessory for teens~elders; m/f 3t2
3. Simsimi Modish Kitten kimono accessory for adult m/f retextures 3t2
4. Simsimi rolled up tee for adult male 3t2
5. Simsimi canvas bag accessory for teens~elders; m/f 3t2 (3 variations: left shoulder, right shoulder, right hand)

This whole set is conversions. With the exception of some of my textures, thanks goes to:
2sanghaec, MissTiikeri, Modish Kitten, Rukisims, Simsimi

1. Both tops have fat morphs; no pregnancy morphs
2. Rukisims phone accessory should work with phone poseboxes
3. Simsimi canvas bag accessory compliments my conversion of their matching poses
4. Enjoy!!

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