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Yukari Hair (frankenmesh)

Yukari Hair Header

Yukari Hair Preview

Isis - io; Baiser - CASSIS; Volatile - Pooklet; Verin - Digi; Wormhole, Supernova, Meteor - Furbyq

My first *fairly* successful frankenmesh! This was basically made for personal use but I didn't want to hoard it in case someone else may be interested. There's just never enough hair options! But, with that in mind, this is sloppier than I would usually like to upload - please heed the warnings before downloading!

Hair mesh for young adult-elder males and females in 7 colors

Credits (.txt file included)
SkySims for ringlets mesh
Elzascarlet-yan for bangs mesh (4t2 conversion)
PeggySims for extensions mesh
Pooklet for hair texture
DigitalAngels, Furbyq, Io, and Pooklet for color actions

Pooklet V3 texture
Elders take Pooklet's Timebomb in naturals only; unnatural colors stay
Female and male versions are separate files but you can have both at once
Accessory is not part of the hair

VERY high poly!! (F - 23756; V - 17473)
Ringlets have some transparency problems (see pictures)
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