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CASSIS x Mimilkybaby Glitter Stars 4t2

Glitter Stars Header

Glitter Stars Preview

Some cute makeup! Believe it or not, this was kind of a pain to do. Sims 4 faces have much bigger textures so I had to figure out how to convert it without destroying the quality. I ended up using my own textures and deleting a few of the stars to make room since I had to leave them large to make them visible. The original had two versions: one covering just the cheeks and one covering the cheeks and forehead. I only did the cheeks. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Face makeup in 4 colors

Mimilkybaby for alpha
Aphroditeisimmortal for concept

In "face makeup" category
Layers over all regular makeup
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 download conversion makeup 4t2


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