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CASSIS x Bedisfull 3t2 Collection

Bedisfull Cloth Header

Bedisfull Cloth Preview
Bedisfull Knit Preview
Bedisfull Coat Preview
Bedisfull MTM Preview

Big set of tops - please enjoy! I spent a bunch more time on the previews compared to usual to be like the cool kids! LOL But now you can see the whole thing and all swatches' color is unedited. (* ´ ▽ ` *)

4 retextures each of adult male knit, coat, and MTM

Bedisfull for Sims 3 meshes and textures

Only long coat has morphs; the other two tops have meshed drapes and folds which would have required too much extra work to morph properly.
All have smooth hands

V-neck knit polycount: F - 11241; V - 6267
Long coat polycount: F - 4304; V - 3153
Autumn MTM polycount: F - 7125; V - 4628

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