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CASSIS x Tractus Opticus Hat 3t2

TO Hat Header

TO Hat Preview

I'm always up for some big hats! This file had been in my "to-do" folder for months but I finally went and got permission from Tractus Opticus (thank you!) and converted this thing.

Hat accessory for teens-elders; male and female

Tractus Opticus for original mesh and texture

Comes with four text recolors and one plain black
Hairs may clip through the of the hat, but the brim obscures this from the front so it will likely look good with most hairs (from the front LOL)

Polycount: F - 15938; V - 8884 (high for what it is, sorry, but it is a nice rounded brim if you appreciate such things!)

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 download conversion 3t2 accessory hat


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