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CASSIS x Karzalee Lace Sleeves Top 4t2

As requested by Avelexi on tumblr - happy birthday!!IncludedTop for adult male in 6 colorsCreditKarzalee for original mesh and texturesNotesHas fat and pregnant morphsWarningPolycount: F - 4482; V - 3540...



Cynical Choker

Who knew it would ever be difficult to punch holes in something? LOL So this choker was mostly to try that and it's modeled after the choker Ice from Black Gene for the Next Scene wears in this video. I mean, it's not a big feature of his outfit (the shoulder armor thing definitely is!) but I thought it was cool enough for sims to wear too. Namely Mr. Mao here, vocalist of Sadie, connoisseur of se...



CASSIS x LeahLillith Givenchy Tusk Earrings 3t2 REDO

I converted these earrings a couple years ago(!) but recently got a request to separate them from a pair into separate meshes for left and right ear. Of course, you can still layer the two and have one earring in each ear. Or you can wear a different color in each ear! Or you can pair these with other earrings! That's all that's different this time but it should add some variety! IncludedTwo meshe...