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Lucy Choker

A leather bow choker! I couldn't have finished this mesh without the help of the lovely Memento-sims and Soloriya! Thank you so much, guys!! I still feel like a more experienced creator could do better, but I hope you'll be happy with it! I did try to keep the polycount light this time at the very least. (* ´ ▽ ` *) IncludedChoker for all sims child-elder in 4 colors NotesThe dangling ribbons may ...



mazohyst Choker

I've done it! I've made another mesh from scratch. . . I'm so happy!! (*´∀`人 ♪ The techniques employed I think are actually more rudimentary than my first mesh but the result looks better. Consequently, there is a high polycount so be warned! I really just wanted to boost my confidence by making something look as nice as possible; I wasn't thinking about optimization at all so don't worry. In th...