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CASSIS x Chris Sims Starcrossed Choker 4t2

Wow, I haven't converted anything in a while! It's because I'm playing with build mode now, sorry. But this was a request of sorts and I realized I couldn't think of any super simple chokers like this for Sims 2 so I had to do something. For some reason, the texture didn't extract so, while it is simple, this is actually my own texture - yay! Only thing is, I originally made this for teens too but...



CASSIS x Darkjeane Medical Eyepatch Flip Left -> Right

Sorry there's been a dearth of uploads lately! I've been cramming my buy mode folder full. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) Anyway, this was a request I got on tumblr; it was very simple so I agree that it's weird that most CC eyepatches are for only one eye. I took Darkjeane's medical eyepatch and flipped it. You can get Darkjeane's original left eyepatch here. IncludedEyepatch accessory for teen-elder; male and fema...



TOU and Etcetera

THIS BLOG IS SIMS 2 ONLY!!Terms of UseDo not use any of my CC to make your own CC without crediting me and, if it's a conversion, the original creator. This covers both meshes and textures.Do not stick any of my content behind ad.fly links or profit off of me in any other way. This includes sims/lots packaged with my content.Don't be a butt.Regarding new meshes:You can include my meshes with your ...



CASSIS x RUSTY Basic Sweater 4t2

I'm looking at my categories list in the sidebar and do I upload a lot of clothes or what? LOL Anyway, this was a request - hope you like it! I was also going around downloading some of MissTiikeri's old things and her preview pictures are so lovely I kind of riffed off her style here. (´∀`*) IncludedSweater top for adult males in 8 colors CreditRUSTY for original Sims 4 mesh and textures NotesHa...