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CASSIS Model Posebox

Can't believe I got this done in only a couple sittings! :O Included10 poses + snap reset button NotesI made these poses using an adult male model but they should work for all sims teens and upPoses were referenced from a clothes model so they should (hopefully!) be good for showcasing outfitsWarningYou will need at least one expansion pack (any) for this posebox to work...



Simsimi Canvas Bag Accessory Poses 3t2

Included3t2 recreation of Simsimi's canvas bag accessory poses CreditsOriginal poses and accessory are thanks to Simsimi! NotesYou will need the complimentary accessory; find it in BLACK MORAL Collection postWhich bag accessory you will need for each pose is marked in the box the same is in the picture 1. (L) - left shoulder 2. (R) - right shoulder 3. (H) - right handPosebox can be found in genera...