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Land of Nod Recolor Collection

Land of Nod has some of the cutest childrens' things! (Well, things in general. . .) So I made recolors of Mysticrain's Earthliving pillows and BB's Sage rug. Included14 pillow recolors, 24 rug recolors, and meshes CreditsPillow meshes by MysticrainRug mesh by BB...



Royalblues87 x OBP Polaroids Recolors

Included8 recolors of two meshes CreditsOriginal meshes by One Billion Pixels3t2 conversion by Royalblues87 NotesFirst swatch for group of 4 (mesh 1), second swatch for group of 3 (mesh 2), numbered left-rightFind in deco>wall category Mesh not included!Download it here...



FIG + YARROW Apothecary Recolor Collection

Object recolors?! Why not, I say! These are recolors of Cordelia Haze's conversion of Chisimi's LUSH meshes using the FIG + YARROW brand. By the way, highly recommend that foot scrub! (* ´ ▽ ` *) Included12 object recolors and two meshes CreditsChisimi for original meshesCordelia Haze for conversions NotesSwatch is colour supplement mesh on top; lip scrub mesh on bottom; each numbered from left-ri...