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Ruki Makeup Set

Just a little something while I'm in between projects! IncludedBold and light neck stripes + left and right cheek crosses NotesFind in blush categoryFor all ages + genders...



IN MY DREAM Eyeshadow

IncludedMonolid eyeshadow in 14 shades NotesNo other eye makeup in pictureModel is wearing first shade "pale"For teens and up...



Sleep My Dear Makeup Set

I get kind of sad sometimes calling myself a creator when I mostly convert and edit stuff, never make my own things from scratch. But meshing is scary! So here is a set of makeup, including my first attempt at eyeshadow. Kyohei (sim!) is wearing no other eye makeup and the editing has been erased around the eyes to show true color. IncludedBlush in 7 shades and eyeshadow in 10 CreditsEphemera for ...



CASSIS x Mimilkybaby Glitter Stars 4t2

Some cute makeup! Believe it or not, this was kind of a pain to do. Sims 4 faces have much bigger textures so I had to figure out how to convert it without destroying the quality. I ended up using my own textures and deleting a few of the stars to make room since I had to leave them large to make them visible. The original had two versions: one covering just the cheeks and one covering the cheeks ...



Melty Love Lips

Feeling the creating groove now! Makeup is relatively easy to make and I'm a lipstick addict so that's what I have now, but more conversions are on the horizon! IncludedLips for all ages and genders in 7 colors...