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CASSIS x Chaessi Ribbon Shirts 4t2

IncludedFrill ribbon shirt (left) for AM in 7 colorsRibbon shirt (right) for AM in 5 colors CreditsChaessi for original Sims 4 meshes and textures NotesNo morphsSmooth hands WarningFrill ribbon shirt polycount: F - 14097; V - 10022Ribbon shirt polycount: F - 9334; V - 6330...



CASSIS x Nyanya Loose Fit Hood 3t2

IncludedTop for adult male in 8 colors CreditsNyanya for original mesh and texture NotesNo morphs (because it's kind of big in the front so your sims will look chubby either way! )Smooth hands WarningPolycount: F - 11598; V - 7677...



CASSIS x Nyanya Casual Suit 3t2

You guys asked for clothing so. . . I actually had this in my to-do folder for two years! I asked Nyanya for permission to convert then and they sent me the files but it's been so long I hope it's okay to post this. I held off because the the suit had the black spots of doom! But now that I'm more familiar with Blender I could actually fix them. IncludedBlack suit with white or red shirt and two ...



CASSIS x Karzalee Lace Sleeves Top 4t2

As requested by Avelexi on tumblr - happy birthday!!IncludedTop for adult male in 6 colorsCreditKarzalee for original mesh and texturesNotesHas fat and pregnant morphsWarningPolycount: F - 4482; V - 3540...



CASSIS x HBS Audition 2 Retro Dots Dress

People remarked on how cute this dress was so I figured I'd give it a proper upload! IncludedFullbody outfit for adult females and males + top only version for females CreditsOriginal mesh and texture by HanbitsoftRip by UnluckycandyfoxPanties mesh and texture by HepsyHeels mesh and texture by Modish Kitten NotesAll versions have fat and pregnant morphsAll versions have smooth handsFullbody versio...