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DEATHMASK Hair (frankenmesh)

Wow, it's been a while since I posted any CC! Blame real life! Anyway, I have no idea how to tighten up frankenmeshes so they look less. . . Frankenstein's monster, so this was going to be for personal use until people got really enthusiastic. It's got some weird bits as shown in the pictures but it looks okay from the front and back, in my opinion. I made it for my visual kei sims so it's for you...



Yukari Hair (frankenmesh)

Isis - io; Baiser - CASSIS; Volatile - Pooklet; Verin - Digi; Wormhole, Supernova, Meteor - FurbyqMy first *fairly* successful frankenmesh! This was basically made for personal use but I didn't want to hoard it in case someone else may be interested. There's just never enough hair options! But, with that in mind, this is sloppier than I would usually like to upload - please heed the warnings befor...



CASSIS x Martini NewSea Vice City Hair FtM

First hair upload on the blog! I really hope the FtM conversion hasn't been done before. . . I don't think I saw one. I'm going to try to see if I can put out one download per day leading up to Christmas! An advent calendar of sorts! IncludedNewSea Vice City hair for males of all agesPooklet's naturals + Timebomb, Digi's Angel and Extras, io's Ennead, and my VK colors (swatch included) CreditsNew...