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CASSIS x Chaessi Ribbon Shirts 4t2

IncludedFrill ribbon shirt (left) for AM in 7 colorsRibbon shirt (right) for AM in 5 colors CreditsChaessi for original Sims 4 meshes and textures NotesNo morphsSmooth hands WarningFrill ribbon shirt polycount: F - 14097; V - 10022Ribbon shirt polycount: F - 9334; V - 6330...



Visual Kei / J-Rock CD Recolors

 Something self-indulgent I spent way too much time on! But I know there are other Sims and J-rock fans and besides, it was too much time not to upload. Trying to find usable pictures of coverart, spines, and CDs... ugh. Every CD does have the correct art on the spine if you zoom in really close! LOL Also a couple of these are my own pictures of my CD collection so I guess they are my first-e...



CASSIS x Toskasims 70s Couch 4t2

Just a single object upload! Included3-tile sofa in one color CreditToskasims for the original Sims 4 mesh and texture WarningPolycount: F: 4878; V: 2934 NotesIn order to be centered on the tiles, the back of the couch clips through the wall, so please place off the grid....



CASSIS x Slox Sinda Bedroom 4t2

Converting objects recently for a change! I can't make anything function, though... ORZ Decorators only? (Well technically the bed functions, but the sheets are a custom mesh and it's lower than standard so...) IncludedBed (x4 recolors)Blanket (x2 recolors)Boxes in 3 sizes (x7 recolors)CabinetCD Rack (x1 recolor)CurtainPhoto (x7 recolors)Pillows in 4 positionsPoster (x4 recolors)Electrical socket...



CASSIS x Bedisfull Beret + Chain Glasses 4t2

I haven't uploaded something in forever! I actually have two accessories today. . . IncludedBeret with and without printing tagGlasses and chain in two colorsAll for adult male and female CreditsBedisfull for original meshes and textures NotesGlasses and chain are separate accessories that can be layered togetherYou can have both beret types at once WarningBeret with tag polycount: F - 1714; V - 1...